What battery to power on pdroid xu4?


I just started putting things together. I am new. Can I know what battery to power on odroid xu4? My pixhawk/px4 is powered by a lipo 11.1v/5A. I am being puzzled by what battery I should use to power the Odroid XU4…

thanks in advance,


Have a look at this power adapter provided by Hardkernel for ODROID XU4,
hardkernel.com/main/products … 7454915964.

One can use the same, if powering up the ODROID-XU4 inside lab.

However, if you want to mount ODROID-XU4 on the drone using LiPO for the same cause :
As the input power requirement of ODROID-XU4 is 5V/4A. Your standard off-the shelf LiPO is fine, as long as you have a 12V-5V converter(power regulator/ DC-DC converter).


thank you for your explanation. very helpful.


you mentioned 12V-5V converter. can you suggest one?
will this do?


Yes this should be fine.


I’m using Henge 5V 6A UBEC module with 4S (2x in parallel). It’s supporting up to 6S. Providing 6A continuously and 8A instant. XU4 normally needs 4A (up to 5A on booting process) with classical devices. (like usb cam, wifi module etc.) But if you will use heavy devices like a HDD, it may need up to 6A.



Thank you. I will probably try both :slight_smile: