What about the future of FLYT?



It looks like the Indiegogo funding of the FLYTPOD failed. Hopefully, it is in “Flexible Goal”, yet, how do you see the future of FLYT ?

  • Will the project be continued ?
  • Will the development slow down ?


Thank you for sharing your concern. Here is a quick response:

Indiegogo campaign was intended to collect pre-orders during the time that it would take us to “productionize” FlytPOD/FlytOS (and to engage with early adopters). With strong backing from our investors, we are not really dependent on Indiegogo to continue work on Flyt. We understand that many backers are not too excited about backing a project on Indiegogo, due to bad past experiences.

We have already started work on production, and expect to ship the first batch soon. We do hope to engage with many more developers, once the hardware is readily available.


Thanks for the answer,

It is really good to hear. I am actually working at the UCL (Belgian university) in partnership with the MIT (MIT Seed Fund) on a heavy load, autonomous, multicopter project, and there is not yet a robust enough ros architecture to fly autonomously. The hardware architecture which I chose last year in my thesis as being the most efficient and able to do heavy computation for video computing is just the same as yours : the Odroid XU4 under ROS indigo and the PixHawk on a custom 70kg payload drone. We developed a very similar software architecture but yet much less complete.

As Flyt will continue its way, I will port our project on FlytOS. If we buy more copters, I will propose to buy FlytPods instead of PixHawk/Odroid/Wifi module, because it is much more integrated.

A last question : Does FlyPod uses eMMC or SD cards ?


Sounds great! We look forward to working with you.

FlytPOD base-version comes with microSD card, and the PRO-version with eMMC. However, you may upgrade the base version with eMMC at your end, if you need it.