Waypoint counting


Hello Srv,

Can you please tell us, How much number of waypoint can drone handle during the mission or waypoint execution.

Is there any limit to handle or set waypoint in Flypod / Flytsim.



The limit is set to 256


Hello Srv,

Thanks for telling us the limit of set waypoint.

what happened if user set waypoint more that its limit.


What is the maximum allowed distance between any two adjacent waypoints?


FlytOS does not add any such restrictions for APM, PX4 or DJI. Individual platforms have their own norms, and I have tried to list down the details over here.

For PX4,
by default it is 900m between any 2 waypoints, but you can change this behaviour by updating the parameter:

Please checkout this documentation for more details.

For APM,
It does not seem to have any such limitation. In case, I do find something I will update this thread.


Thanks for the update @srv-admin