Video via cloud?


Is there any available method or planned to access the video stream via the flytbase cloud?
We do not have public and fixed IP adresses for our 3G/4g dongle yet (behind operators NAT), but we are loooking into this if we can get one.

Or would you suggest us to solve the video stream without involving the flytbase cloud?

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Hi @SebastianW, we are working on video streaming using Flytbase Cloud but it is not currently available and will take a bit. In the meanwhile you could go ahead with your preferred method for video streaming.
We’ll let you know when we release video streaming with Flytbase Cloud.



@prabodh Great, than I know!

Thank you, looking forward to test your video solution when available in the future.
Do you have a rough estimate when you think it will be available?

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Hi @SebastianW, thanks for your interest.

We are currently working on local network vision streaming. We shall be releasing that in a week or so. At that time we shall have a better estimate of when we shall be able to release video streaming with cloud. We’ll keep you updated on the same.



Hi @prabodh!

Sounds like a good plan, perfect if you can keep me updated so I can plan our work best to match your plans also,