Updates of Ubuntu Mate / rpi-update (rpi3)


today (26 Feb 2019 with FTOS 1.56 on Rpi3 ) we wanted to install and USB a PiCam , so we apt- update & upgrade and the rpi-update…and then boom the system stalled completely and we had to re-flash flytOS and restart from scratch …
Shall we or shall we not update - ie Ubuntu or the pi firmware while using flytOS?


Hi @rfv-370,

FlytOS is NOT an Operating System.
It is a software running on top of Ubuntu Mate.

This has more to do with RPi and Ubuntu. What do you mean by the system stalling? Did rebooting the device not help?


Yes, it is clear.
The system has frozen. Do freezes about 4 to 5minutes in operations. We had to remove the sd card and flash a new one.
The old sd card appears not to damaged -after check it seems ok. So I though may be some update of Ubuntu may not be welcome for FlyTOS?


No. This is an invalid assumption. At most, FlytOS software may stop working but it will not freeze the RPi.