Update FlytOS to 16.04



I know this is probably not a priority. Still, I wanted to try to update my Odroid to the next LTS.

Therefore, I am trying to install FlytOS on Ubuntu 16.04 under Kinetic, I’ll post differences from 14.04 version here.


# ros-kinetic-usb-cam is not available
# missing dependency to build usb_cam
apt-get install ros-kinetic-camera-info-manager
mkdir ws
mkdir ws/src
cd ws/src
git clone https://github.com/bosch-ros-pkg/usb_cam
cd ..

###Pyros setup

# ros-kinetic-pyros-setup is not available
pip install pyros-setup

EDIT : Abandonned because FLYT team is already working on it.


The inhouse testing of FlytOS has already begun on 16.04. And most of it is working just fine apart from a few issues pointed by you and some more. The release date of it has not been decided yet, but supporting 16.04 is something which is definitely in our roadmap.


Therefore it’s not needed at all that I work on that. Damn.

Is there a collaborative roadmap (Trello)? When would be the code available on Github so the community can improve it and answer their own questions?


Hello AlexisTM,

To clear any misunderstanding, as of now FlytOS is not open source. It has open APIs and few open source web apps (developed on top of FlytAPIs). The source code for these apps is already available in flytsamples repo on github.

We would certainly like to have users suggest features, report issues, etc. I’ll certainly look at what can be done so that users can contribute to the project in terms of bug reporting, feature request, etc. Until then our forums should serve as an interim solution.