Unable to Select Frame or Calibrate (NVIDIA TX1)


Hi all,

I’m running into a weird issue. I have an NVIDIA TX1 and the Pixhawk PX4 (which I’ve configured using the instructions listed on the site), and I have FlytOS 1.56PE installed on the TX1 (according to the Flytconsole). I am able to access the flytconsole, but unable to make any changes. For example, when I select the frame using the widget, I am presented with this error “Parameter set failed; Parameter SYS_AUTOSTART set failed to set value 7001. Retry!” Also, when I hit the save and reboot button, I get these errors “Parameter save failed: Failed to save values to EEPROM” and “Failed to contact FlytOS: Retry Reboot API.”

How do I go about fixing this?



Hi @TacticalApples,

Sorry for the delayed response.
Were you able to get this issue resolved?

Was the autopilot connectivity status showing ‘valid’ in FlytConsole top bar.
If not, can you please send FlytOS runlog and startup log to help me debug this issue further.