Unable to Connect FlytOS


Unable to connect flytos
QGC on my pc displays that. Please help me…


Hello @LPE_Ganeshaanannd,

Sorry for delayed ressponse.
Can you please make sure and report whether you can connect to FlytConsole and it shows a valid connection to autopilot.


No bro. It shows disconnected. I am using Ardupilot Mega 2.8. Connected using telemetry and forced baudrate 921


Can you please send me FlytOS runlog and startup log.


Bro now I’m planning to buy pixhawk. If I buy and connect, I’ll have no issues right? If I need to do something beforehand please tell bro.

Also please tell if I can do it with Ardupilot itself. (APM 2.6). Please tell what is the procedure too.

We have deadline on 9th March bro. So I desperately need your help.

Sorry and Thanks


Hello @LPE_Ganeshaanannd,

Have you worked with with connecting APM 2.6 with any Companion Computer before?
I have never tested with APM2.6, so I cannot guarantee whether it would work or not. You have to send me respective log files, without which I cannot help you in this regard.

We regularly work with Pixhawk/Pixhawk2, and are sure that either would work just fine.


It can be connected to Raspberry pi


Sorry I did not get you. Can you please explain yourself further.
Connect Telem port of APM to UART/USB port of RPi.
Install FlytOS on RPi.
Boot up RPi.
Fetch runlog and startuplog as mentioned in the previous comment on this thread and share it over here.