Unable to Boot FlytOS on Odroid XU4 w/ Dependencies


Hi, I installed FlytOS on my Odroid XU4 using the necessary dependencies (instead of the prebuilt image) because I need a newer version of OpenCV and this seemed to be the wisest choice.

I have gotten everything together that I need, (OpenCV 3.4.5) and the rest of the python scripts necessary, and when I launch FlytOS I get this

flyt_runlogs.log (12.3 KB)
flyt_runlogs.log (12.3 KB)

I have attempted to pip install pymavlink and it says I have it currently installed. Any thoughts?


Runlog suggests missing library: librosconsole_bridge.so, flask_cors

Please run the following commands:

sudo apt install ros-kinetic-rosconsole-bridge
sudo -H pip install flask_cors

I fear there might be other missing dependencies as well. Please download this script: https://downloads.flytbase.com/flytos/install/flytOS.sh and install the dependencies separately.