Unable to Activate FlytOS


Hello, I have had this problem persist a few times in which I cannot activate FlytOS. I have tried clearing my browser cache data and attempted to activate on other companion computers (I have 2 of them that I use).

The issue has occurred when I have not used the odroid for a few days. This time, the issue occurred because I had flashed my Pixhawk with a new firmware. The Odroid has been untouched, but for some reason, the key and activation stopped working.

I am working on an Odroid XU4.

This problem has persisted to the point in which I have created other Activation keys, using up all of my personal account keys. Here are the startup files:

flyt_startup.log (303.3 KB)

I intend on moving up to a professional account and buying keys for these two odroids once I finish testing my development system. I have written to support to have those devices deleted from my account, but if I could get these keys working sooner, that would be just as good.