Tutorial question


Hello, do you guys have a detailed tutorial on how to set up the NVIDIA Jetson with a camera for real time object detection as in this video https://youtu.be/wSFYOw4VIYY ?



The following two blogs should help you.


Is there a way to do this project using a Jetson TX2? I dont have the TK1



Yeah sure. Just follow the installation steps for Jetson TX1 and install its debian. Although autoupdate would fail, but everything else should work.


Did you end up being able to install it on the TX2 and get it working? I have the same situation - TX2s and not enough time to wait for it’s version to come out.



FlytOS support for TX2 came around a month ago. Please follow this guide to install FlytOS in TX2.


Thanks, the site still says “coming soon” under the TX2 and I just wanted make make sure I didn’t brick my board - I have a friend who lost one to updating software on it. Also, your how-to guide says it has to have Ubuntu 16.04 LTS, but the boards - at least at first - shipped with 14.04 and upgrading the OS can sometimes cause problems. Here’s a video showing how to safely do kernel upgrades: Build Kernel and ttyACM module - NVIDIA Jetson TX2 that was recommended on the NVIDIA forums.



Can you please mention where did you see this, so that we could rectify it.

How old is your board? I am pretty sure all boards are shipped with Ubuntu 16.04. Are you sure you have Nvidia TX2 and not TK1 or other boards.

You are completely confused between upgrading OS and upgrading kernel. Using that approach would only upgrade your kernel but not your OS.

Nevertheless, please make sure that you indeed have Nvidia TX2 which is running Ubuntu14.04, because most likely it would be running Ubuntu16.04. But in case you are right, please flash your board using Jetpack-3.1. If you follow their instructions correctly, i don’t think it would brick. Link to Nvidia Jetpack.


On this page: https://my.flytbase.com/downloads/flytos/

It’s definitely a TX2. Here’s the PDF for the board, and on page 8, it’s calling for 14.04.

Yes, that’s my mistake. I had assumed that upgrading the kernel would suffice, but are there other aspects of 16.04 that are required for FlytOS?

Upon flashing the board, it does seem that NVIDIA has supplied version 16.04 now in the latest version of Jetpack. It seems that my dev board may be one of the very first to be shipped out.

Thanks for all your help!



Thank You for letting us know this issue. We would rectify it ASAP.

Simply follow our TX2 setup guideline. It would install all the necessary dependencies, and prepare your board for FlytOS.