Trying to trigger precision landing module, returning error code 2


Trying to trigger precision landing with rosservice call, however the service always responds with error code 2 that the landing has already been started. Triggering it with the rc works fine. This is supposed to be triggered at the end of the mission while the drone is hovering in place.


Yes. we were able to replicate this error. You should not be getting this error when calling this service for the first time, but it presents itself for every other call.

We are looking into fixing this issue. In the meantime, please call stop landing API before calling start landing API, and it should fix it.



Do you want the PL to get triggered automatically at the end of the mission?
If yes, please enable the ‘auto engage’ switch in the advanced tab, and set ‘auto engaging height’ to appropriate value from which you would want to module to trigger PL. We can set up a call separately over email, if you need further clarification.


Hi, yes it would be great to be able to trigger the precision landing at the end of a mission. Maybe it would be best to discuss over email.