Tracking object


Hello Srv,
Can you help me out, how can i use object tracker in android app.
The given code is available in webpage.
Which web service gives me this functionality.


Hi Trilok,
Could you be a little more precise about what exactly you want. And before that, are you able to get the video stream on your android app.


Hello vallabh,

I saw your video on site.
I have old console view which is different from the given tutorial.
I want this feature (Object tracking) in android app.
and I can get video stream clearly. Currently video stream working fine.


Hi Trilok,

  1. You need to tell me exactly how you managed to get the video feed in the android app (using webview or any other method) depending on which i will be able to tell you the way forward.
  2. The two screenshots you sent are of two different apps. One is flytconsole and second is flytvision which have different urls as you see in the screenshot.
  3. For the object tracking to work you need to start the object tracking node. You could check if the node is on by doing rosnode list in cmd prompt after starting flytos. Use roslaunch vision_apps object_tracking.launch global_namespace:=flytsim to start the object tracking tracking rosnode.
  4. The rest of the APIs related to object tracking you can see the documentation
  5. The object tracking requires the coordinates of the object to be selected from the video feed. It also requires additional parameters to be set as seen in the documentation. You can refer the Flyt android SDK for sample android code.
  6. For it to be done on android you need to find a UI library which allows selection and provides coordinates for the same. For further workflow you can look at FLytvision source code. It uses JCrop library in javascript.