System Companion is Deprecated on Pixhawk



I’ve been following the FlytOS docs for connecting the RPi with a Pixhawk v2.4. it is mentioned in the docs that in order to enable communication between the RPi and the Pixhawk, the SYS_COMPANION parameter must be set to 921600 in QGC.

However, it is mentioned in QGC that the parameter is deprecated and no longer works from v1.9 firmware. How should one proceed to connect RPi to Pixhawk if this is the case? I’m currently using a v1.9.2 as the Pixhawk firmware.

Looking forward to solution!



Set up the MAV_X_CONFIG, MAV_X_MODE, MAV_X_RATE and SER_TELX_BAUD according to your use-case. Substitute X for the UART number and Mavlink instance you’re using for connecting to the compainon computer.