Switch INAV to LPE


Hey, it’s me again :smile:

I saw in the flyt_params that FlytPod you are using INAV. Did you planned to switch from INAV to LPE (Local Position Estimator)? It can be done almost seamlessly by modifying SYS_MC_EST_GROUP param.

LPE has better results for me, seems to have better results for other PixHawk users too. Furthermore, the PX4 Firmware devs are switching everything to LPE.

EDIT : I forgot to update FlytOS from the package. Now, the file is null, I don’t know if you are using LPE or not. For me, it kept SYS_MC_EST_GROUP as my last value, which is Local position Estimator.



We also understood that LPE is the way to go, and that’s why we shifted to LPE around 6 months ago. The image that you downloaded is a lot old, when we were using INAV.