Struggling with the install


I’m finding partioning the sdcard and installing the program a bit confusing.
I have watched the videos and read the docs a whole bunch and no luck.
Am familiar with Jesse lite, pixhawk, mission planner, ground control etc.

I’m using windows 7, and trying to get installed on a Raspberry PI 3 if anyone would be gracious enough to help.

also, do I have to log in to my account everytime I fly?


No, you don’t need to login every time you want to fly.
Can you please point to the exact step where you are stuck?

The basic steps are

  1. Get a new sd card / format (if using old one).
  2. On your windows laptop download image from for your raspberry pi
  3. Download and open win32diskimager
  4. In win32diskimager select the right image file and right disk drive (your sd card) and click write.
  5. Once it finishes pull out the sd card and put it in raspberry pi.
  6. If you have display then connect it to raspberry pi hdmi port. Turn on raspi and see if you see the desktop. If not repeat above procedure.


Thank you. Basically that’s what I did but I am getting error messages.

  1. Almost out of disc space. (I’m using a new 32gb card)

  2. Unable to load kernels



have you expanded the partition in your sd card after image write?


No but I will thanks


ok lost here, what do I do? Thanks


Click on your root partition and expand it to 28 GB by using the 20 GB of unallocated space


how did you expand the partition? where did you go to do this?
I opened SD Card Reader but I cannto do anything there, I also tried opening Gparted but it asks for a password (none work).


found a solution here: