Startup sequence and logs availability to FlytCloud


Is it possible to make vehicle’s startup sequence logs available via FlytCloud? Live-fetch would be preferred rather than downloading a whole log file later from autopilot.


@srv-admin is any relevant feature available in FlytOS/FlytCloud APIs?


Hi @utkarshpatil,
Sorry for the delayed response.

What do you mean by ‘vehicle’s startup sequence logs’? Can you please elaborate. If by this you mean, the autopilot logs generated by PX4/APM, then, unfortunately, we do not have such an API.
Usually, these logs are very big, and downloading them over serial UART is very time taking, eventually becoming impractical.


@srv-admin thanks for your reply.

By saying ‘vehicle’s startup sequence logs’ I meant to say things like the initial internal sensor checks (IMU, barometer etc.) and connectivity checks which are generally logged on FlytOS console by drone’s flight controller. Is there any way to expose these checks so that can be confirmed via FlytCloud?



Hi @utkarshpatil,

sorry for the delayed response.
We have added this feature to our backlog. We will update this thread when the feature gets implemented.
Unfortunately, we cannot commit to any timeline for this feature.


Okay, thanks for the update @srv-admin