Startup Logs: Could not detect any serial port, with live autopilot connection


Hi all! Hope you guys are doing fine. I am new here so please excuse if I made any mistake.

Currently I am running Ubuntu 16.04 on Nvidia Jetson TX2 with FlytOS for my M210 (Advance Sensing ON). I have followed the guide from the gdocs and able to activate FlytOS. From the FlytConsole I am able to get the compass, HUD and “Connected” status. However, battery status shows 0V and from the startup logs says couldn’t detect any serial port with live auto-pilot connection. Can you guys help me on this? I have attached my FlytConsole view, Run and Startup Logs as well.

Thanks in advance.


Run Logs: flyt_runlogs.log (12.0 KB)

Startup Logs: flyt_startup.log (32.6 KB)


Update: I have reinstall both DJI OSDK and flytOS. Now I am getting the battery status. However, I am not able to use flytPilot to control the DJI Simulation. I’ll create a new thread for this. Thanks.


I am closing this thread as you have rightly opened a new one for the other issue.

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