SLAM using pi3 ,kinect sensor , pixhawk


How we can start our mapping using kinect and pi will control the drone by pixhawk


Hi @Praveen_Pandey,

Please be elaborate on your requirement.
You should install FlytOS on your pi, which would give you navigation access control of your drone.
You can use any available SLAM using Kinect code for RPi available over internet, and use FlytOS to navigate your drone.


I use rtabmap for kinect mapping on pi,how to perform indoor navigation using flytOS and pixhawk please elaborate these topic and does your OS stop raspberry pi Bluetooth? As it is not working after flashing your OS. What your said is my whole project


Yes. It does stop RPi Bluetooth to enable RPi uart. You can change this config by editing /boot/config.txt according to your need.

You have to first choose whether you are using PX4 or APM firmware. Accordingly, you have to send position/attitude data to autopilot via mavros. I would request you to post this issue in PX4/APM forum, requesting ways to use kinect with autopilot via MavROS.

Once you know what commands to send to mavros, I will help you with FlytOS integration.


And for indoor navigation what we have to do?


What do you mean by that?

If the autopilot is able to hover at a particular spot in POSHOLD (Position Hold) mode in indoor using Kinect, then you can send it to OFFBOARD/GUIDED mode and call position_set API or any other such navigation APIs listed in our API Docs.


Is there any documentation ? Which i can follow and perform step by step like now i know how to control pixhawk from pi
I have to use kinect for indoor navigation? Or there’s some other option also?


You will find the guide to install FlytOS on RPi over here.
For API documentation, click here.

Unfortunately, we don’t have any documentation for this. I would request you to post this issue on PX4/APM forums.