Send processed camera stream to FlytOS


Hi Team,

Is it possible to send the camera stream to FlytOS after some processing (ex. some graphical overlays) instead of sending it as it is.

I want to consume this enhanced video streams from FlytAPIs, through local (http://localhost:8080/stream?topic=/flytsim/flytcam/image_capture) as well as FlytCloud endpoints.

@srv-admin, @Dhirajd - any help is appreciated.



As long as you are publishing the image on a rostopic, the image stream will be available over local via ’ http://localhost:8080/stream?topic=<your topic name>.

@Dhirajd, please respond for FlytCloud based video streaming solution.


You can not consume Image topics over FlytCloud APIs. They are too heavy for the communication channel. You can use local web video server to access any of the video streams on WiFi network. You can check out web video server ros wiki for more information on that.


You can think of using RTMP streaming to cloud using gstreamer or ffmpeg. In fact, Commercial version of FlytOS comes up with a RTMP streaming driver for Raspberry Pi camera. But, then that would stream the camera directly, not a ROS Image topic. You can go down the path of converting ROS Image topic data to OpenCV image frame and then using OpenCV file writer to stream over gstreamer/ffmpeg pipeline. But, those are tricky things. In case you are doing it for any commercial applications, please speak with our solutions team, they can help you out with a custom solution.