Search & Rescue


I’ve been following this sample project for my final year project.

Im having a tough time following the instruction because i cant seem to copy the file as said in step 2
“copy to /flyt/flytapps/onboard/install/ directory on scouter drone”
My guess would be that the target folder is read only since its part of the system files?

Also, is it possible to combine the code for both rescuer and scouter on a single platform so that the same drone can fly and detect the people too? My knowledge is limited to hardware and programming isnt my strongest suit… I kinda suck at coding so any help is appreciated!


Yes. you are correct. Please use ‘sudo’ command to copy file with superuser permission.


I don’t remember the code, but I believe one can combine the logic.


When I try to add scouter and rescuer drones, I need their username and password. So what are them default.