Running companion computer programs



From what I understand, we are only able to run simulations on a ground computer. However, my program uses a ZED camera and it can only be used on my Jetson TX1 companion computer.

I have FlytSim Docker installed on my ground computer. Is it possible to run my program on the C.C and connect it to the Gazebo simulator on the ground computer?

Simulating with ROS on Flight Computer

Hi @Darrien_Thomas_Galid,

Yes it is possible as long as both your CC and ground computer are in the same network.
Follow these steps:

  • start FlytSim on your ground computer
  • find your computer’s IP address
  • now power up TX1, connect ZED camera to it
  • create program in your CC, that consumes data from ZED. And then if you want to control your simulated drone, you can call REST/Websocket APIs to IP of your ground computer. Click here to know how to call these APIs.



Sorry for the late reply. Your suggestion works perfectly!