RSSI ADC pinouts


again… no labels or docs… which is the RSSI IN pin? Am I correct assuming one is a ground and one is the ADC ref voltage input??

I separated these three I/.O pin out Q’s to hopefully make it easy for your response, as well as people in the future to reference these issues independently.



The pinouts are same as the order for the motor PWM output. From top Signal, +, -
But the RSSI functionality is not available in the current firmware. It will be available in coming updates.


wow…again… yet another ‘choke’ point compared to a pixhawk and ordoid…
having at least the telemtry RSSI working would allow one to make sure you were still in control range… how else can you take over when the wfi or flyos craps out! forget flying out of control wifi range
you need to reply on RC control range…



Hi @pteg,

I am the lead FlytOS developer, and I am sorry that you are facing loads of issues in using our product. Please be assured that we take all your queries seriously, and are working right now to get them all sorted out ASAP. Regarding your RSSI issue, it was working sometime back, but an API change broke it. Thanks to you, we have resolved this now and you can access the data in FlytConsole GCS widget as you can see in the RC_IN tab in the picture below.

To get the update, download this file into FlytPOD, and run the following command:

sudo /flyt/flytos/flytcore/share/core_api/scripts/ ~/nuttx-navstik-v1-default.flyt

Feature request to observe RSSI data in the top bar has been forwarded to FlytConsole dev team, and it should also be incorporated very soon.

Thanks for your patience and support.


Hi Srv,
The real issue with the RSSI is having an external input from the RC receiver that will transfer to the serial port that will connect to a RFD900 style radio, sending RSSI back to the radio and OSD video displays. Someone asked about wifi power. signal level to know they were still in range… wifi should go further than most RC radio RSSI signals so is a reasonable measure of range. I use an app (on windows) called Acrylic wi-fi. It will list off every wifi signal it can see, the mac addresses, the signal strength and lots of other data… can run in the background even with gcs running on my laptop to watch wifi signal strength


have spent the better part of the afternoon… since I can’t get the router to communicate with the pod or my home network router, I can’t dnl the update, so executing the command to install/config it is a no start :frowning:


…another thought… Q… you say… “download this file into FlytPOD” … is very ambiguous to me.
what file path specifically are you refering to? The device is FlytPOD, the operating network is FlytPOD… get my confusion??? Also…I’m assuming I need to access the web directly from the pod to getthe file ‘onto’ the pod to execute the update. I guess a query here… is the current Lbuntu installation on the pod, configured where if I plugged in a usb floppy drive or dvd the system would see it? I’m also asking this as a way to perhaps backup the entire pod once fully configured.



This means either you connect your FlytPOD to internet or download the file into your own local computer, and transfer this file to FlytPOD via usbdrive or ‘scp’ command.


ha ha… Srv… yes I understand the premise of downloading a file… what I was asking was info concerning a PATH to place the file.
What directory should the downloaded file be placed in for use/storage??!



If you copy this file to its home directory: the command should be:

sudo /flyt/flytos/flytcore/share/core_api/scripts/ /home/flytpod/nuttx-navstik-v1-default.flyt


copied the file to a thumb drive, plugged in and copied it to the /home/flytpod directory.
executing the command above… saw it count up a couple things, whicle copying executing verifying… then a whole bunch of stuff went by…then a fail… (red text) then a whole bunch of orange text…then back to white… after a pause…it repeated… pause…yep…stuck in some kind of loop with something not responding… 5 loops leter I quit the terminal window by rebooting… it came back up but the major current issue is no connection to the router. So I’m still dead in the water here


Hi @pteg

Seems like you are facing a lot of issues with networking. Lets first make sure your wifi-router and FlytOS is running just fine in your machine. You have two open threads regarding wifi and emmc factory settings reset. Once those threads are closed, we will proceed with your other issues.


net is all back and running… can even SSH into the pod without issue.
This is the replacement pod Dhirajd sent (3/8/17??)…I see the RSSI is indeed already now in this latest update as loaded when I received it. So this issue is closed.

thanks all

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