Rp3 image does not support Rpi 3 model B+, I think


Hi, I’m Kevin who SW engineer.

After flashing Rpi 3 image on SD card, I’ve inserted into Rpi 3 model B+ but it can not start booting.
With Rpi 3, it works fine.

Anybody can help me?


Yes, you are correct. We will release a new image for 3B+ in a few days.
In the meantime, please follow this link for setting up FlytOS in 3B+.


Hi! I had the same answer the last day, but I tried to install it with the second method, installing FLYTos dependencies and works perfect. But I have another question because I´m using an APM 2.6 controller and in MissionPlanner works fine, but following the tutorial, I have to connect the APM via USB to QGroundControl and change some settings, but I connect the APM and nothing happens. I´m searching everywhere but I don´t find the way to get a connection.
If anyone know how to do it I`ll be very glad.

Thank you.


Were you able to get around this issue?
Did you try using UART instead of USB to connect to QGC.


I connected over UART but nothing, but then I saw that I must to cut a jumper and put a new one under the ARDUPILOT 2.6 board. Is what I have to do?? I haven’t tried yet.


There seems to be an issue with RPI 3B+ UART. Please use a USB-UART module to connect APM’s UART and RPi’s USB for now. Otherwise, temporarily you can also connect APM’s USB to RPi’s USB to establish communication.


Run these commands in RPI terminal:

  • sudo apt update && apt upgrade
  • sudo systemctl disable hciuart
  • sudo rpi-update

Reboot RPi, and not the UART port should be working.