Rp3 image does not support Rpi 3 model B+, I think


Hi, I’m Kevin who SW engineer.

After flashing Rpi 3 image on SD card, I’ve inserted into Rpi 3 model B+ but it can not start booting.
With Rpi 3, it works fine.

Anybody can help me?


Yes, you are correct. We will release a new image for 3B+ in a few days.
In the meantime, please follow this link for setting up FlytOS in 3B+.


Hi! I had the same answer the last day, but I tried to install it with the second method, installing FLYTos dependencies and works perfect. But I have another question because I´m using an APM 2.6 controller and in MissionPlanner works fine, but following the tutorial, I have to connect the APM via USB to QGroundControl and change some settings, but I connect the APM and nothing happens. I´m searching everywhere but I don´t find the way to get a connection.
If anyone know how to do it I`ll be very glad.

Thank you.