Requirements for FlytSim to be installed on VM


Hi Team,

I’m trying to install the FlytSim on an AWS EC2 instance with Ubuntu image.

Can you please help me with the minimum configuration that is required to complete this installation, as with basic t2.micro setup (1GiB Memory and 8GiB disk space), the installation script is exiting while unpacking docker image with no space left on device error.

Also, would you recommend running any application server on the same VM alongside this simulator?



@srv-admin please can you answer this query?


Hi @utkarshpatil, The issue is clearly with low disk space. Please increase 8GB disk size to ~15 GB.
FlytSim would need around 8GB disk space.


Any suggestions for memory size? currently it’s 1GiB


1GB memory should be good enough if you are running the FlytSim in APM-SITL mode (default mode).
I would suggest you should use t3.micro instead of t2.micro for better CPU.