Reading "Geofence Violation" MAVLINK message


In a Companion Computer, I’m developing a ROS Node that performs a high level control over a vehicle.
I would like to be able to know when the vehicle breaches a geofence. From the QGroundControl I set the GF_ACTION to “Warning”, so that it sends a HL_FAILURE_FLAG_GEOFENCE message to the GCS when geofence violation occures.
My question is: how to read this message from my ROS Node? Although I didn’t find such message in MAVROS.
Another question, can I use any mavros command other than commands supported by flytOS api?


Yes. You can.

You are right. Such a message is not available in mavros. But you can try listening to the rostopic -> ‘mavlink/from’. This topic should publish all the messages received from Pixhawk, and you could parse it for your specific message.