RC radio interface


ok… so most RC receivers have a three wire interface… signal V+ and ground. The FlyPOD has FOUR!!
On the ‘PRO’ the case is not marked as to the pinouts. The Flytdocs say (left to right) 5VO - R T
what is t he fourth pin and whi9ch should the radio be plugged in to? The the power supply OK to power the radio? I’m assuming 5VO would be the normal radio V+, the - the ground, but would the signal FROM the radio be the R or T? (and why a 4 terminal non standard i/o to begin with??)




That is an SBUS port. The first 5V pin is the power for powering the RC and second is ground for RC. The 3rd pin is the SBUS RX port it is to connect the data line from the SBUS receiver. and the fourth pin is SBUS TX which is not provided right now. It will be available in future updates.


yep…as I found…had to bite the bullet and just test it and see. (late reply)