Raspberry Pi 3 Camera not showing up


I flashed a new image of FlytBase on my raspberry pi 3…after troubleshooting I managed to get the AP to work…now I cannot get the native raspberry pi camera to work with Flytbase…any ideas? when I used APSync it worked fine…how can I get this to work?



  1. When you insert the camera, do you see video device being registered at /dev/videoX (X being a number). If you don’t get any device, go to step 4.

ls /dev/video*

  1. If yes, can you run cheese or guvcview and open your camera to make sure everything is just fine.

  2. Once done, restart FlytOS, and if it still does not work, send logs as mentioned here.

  3. If you dont get any registered video device, run this command:

sudo modprobe bcm2835-v4l2

  1. If the above command fails, then try installing uv4l
  2. Once done, go to step 1 and try again. Don’t forget to send the log as mentioned in step 3.


I have added detailed instructions to enable raspi cam. Click here for more info.