Queries related to FlytPOD


Hi team,
Based on our skype call with @achal I am listing down the queries, regarding which your technical team can help us.

  1. while interfacing the RC receiver input to autopilot through PWM (i.e without PPM-PWM encoder), the servos are not receiving the command signal.

  2. QGround Control is not getting connected with the Flytpod through serial connection.
    I have tried to connect the flytpod with QGC through serial connection TCP link as mentioned in your documentation. The page shows “waiting for vehicle connection”. I have tried this with latest version of QGC and also with last two versions. The problem remains the same.
    Please comeback with solution.

  3. Setting up the Flaperon configuration?
    Achal mentioned that even you guys are also facing the issue with setting up the flaperon configuration with QGC/Flytconsole. Have you found the solution, if so pls share.

  4. Flytpod from AP to client mode is not getting connected with wi-fi router (Dlink).It gets reset back to the AP mode.

  5. How to configure additional I/P ports on the autopilot (UART, SPI) for other external sensors (temp sensor, potentiometer, etc)?. Can the data be recorded and telemetered through flypod?.

6)How to configure the autopilot, so that the camera data shall be logged and saved in the SD card.




Are you attaching ‘servos’ or ‘ESCs’ ? If you are attaching servos, you have to power them separately, as FlytPOD does not provide power on Vcc pin of Servo bus.
Also, please go to GCS tab of FlytConsole and check if RC data is being populated in left side.