Python does not work in flytSim


hello .
im programming the drone in python .but the code written in python does not work in flytsim and the model in gazebo dont work at all.
for example and not work but the cpp programs work well.
the python does not show any bad message but the gazebo model does not any sense.
can you describe the problem ?


May I know, how you have install ed FlytSim. Is it the native version or docker version?
have you installed any software such anaconda or other libraries which may affect the environment variable PYTHONPATH?

Moreover, can you please send me your FlytSim runlog as well?


Also what is the version of your FlytSim?


i installed the native flytSim .
when i install the docker version,the python work correctly.
but in native not work.
i didnt install any software and the version of flytSim is 1.5.5g
but i need the native version. in native version cpp programs work correctly.but python dont work.


The native version of flytsim has older version in release state - v1.5-5, which has the python bug.
Can you please use FlytSim docker?
Else you can share your concern in using the docker and I can suggest a way around.


i install the docker and everything is well.
i want to install keras and tensorflow beside the flytos in docker.
can you help me?