Programatically set FlytSim license / startup position



Due to our build process - using Jenkins / docker-compose, clean environment for each build, we have to manually re-activate the FlytSim at every build we run. I have two questions that would help us make this easier:

  1. Can we programatically activate it - like setup a step in Jenkins to have a file or something like that copied at a location, so that the sim is already activated?

  2. Same question for the starting position - we need the same starting position after each build - for testing, but again, we need to manually change it every time - is there a way to change it programatically and restart the simulator after?



Once you have configured your starting position and license activation, copy the following files:


While deploying a new instance, you can paste the files at their respective locations and then it should work just fine.

Note: lic_data.txt will only be valid as long as your new instance is on the same machine. If you change the machine, license verification with the same lic_data.txt would fail.


ok, thanks for the reply.

Is there any way to restart the sim, without restarting the docker container? (just asking, like a Reset from FlytConsole UI).



Do you want to restart or reset FlytSim to factory settings?

If you just want to restart ->

  • open a terminal inside docker
  • run -> stop_flytSim
  • run -> launch_flytSim

Programmatically, you can run shell commands from any language of your choice.