Primary Camera & PXFlow live feed and tracking


Hi Team.

We have been setting up a test environment with a host of Pixhawk and RPI 3 companion computers. We have chosen QGC as the initial ground station and set everything up with PX4. All good.

The next phase is cameras.

  1. we cannot find where the primary camera would conect to so that we get a live feed into the “camera” widget in the flight console.

  2. We have connected a downward facing PXFlow camera onto each pixhawk (I2C) The intention is to use it as designed but wanted to know if this could also be used for tracking.

If that is not possible with the PXFlow (B&W camera) and add in a colour FPV camera for downward tracking where would it conect to?

All the best



@Dhirajd please respond.


It is not possible to use px4flow for tracking.
You can connect usb webcam to RPI 3. Usual FPV cameras with analog output can be used for object tracking. RPI 3 can only be used with CSI, USB cameras.
Best option is to use RPI camera.