Possible with more commands in mission (more than Set Waypoints)?



I would try to replicate your problem at my end.
Can you please PM me your vehicle ID ? You can see you ID at top right corner of dev.flytbase.com.



I have replicated the problem with the simulation. There seems to be some bug in APM-SITL firmware, and causes problems as and when you land the vehicle and takeoff using takeoff command. As APIs, are not the cause of issue, It won’t not be a problem in real life. Nevertheless, working on getting the APM-SITL fixed.



The issue has been fixed and tested the cloud console for a virtual drone. I would suggest you to restart your virtual drone from my.flytbase.com.

Thank you for pointing out the bug.

I would have to test on a real drone if the above error persists on it as well. This bug may cause trouble while flying a real drone and I have raised a ticket in APM for the same. Till then if you are going to use flytos, I would suggest, to NOT arm the drone unless you get a GPS lock. And if you land far away(sorry for being vague and not being able to tell how much far) from the point you received GPS lock, kindly restart the autopilot.


Great work srv, just happy to help assist to improve the system.
I tested and it works for me also now.

I will continue to test yaw command on real drone as soon as we have the possibilite here and give some feedback than.



Hey could you please post an example on how you set the command on SetWapoints method and what params you set.Thanks



I have responded on this thread -> Can I have multiple commands at each waypoint or [Execute Script] at each waypoint by using [Set Waypoints] method?