Pixhawk with Raspberrypi and Flytos


i have connected pixhawk to raspberry pi ie: Tx-rx ,rx-tx and gnd also powered both pixhawk and raspberry via usb ( pixhawk isnt connected to raspberry via usb do i need to connect it via usb or its okie?)
i cannot access flytconsole.



I am sorry but you have to be more detailed while asking your Q.

What do you mean by this?

Also, there is a bug in the latest release which might be causing this issue. Follow this guide to resolve it.


hello sir,
As i was in a hurry to check out the console and try out pixhawk i just reformatted the sd again with new firmware will try again tomorrow and if any issues will revert here … thanks for the help yes also i did read the link you gave me i guess there were changes due to updated version.
Also would like to know if the vision tracking and gimbal servoing works with raspbeery pi3??
thankxx for help


No problem.

yes they most definitely do.


hey so i flashed the updated image to my sd card but now while activating i cannot use my previous license and hence need to create a new one is there a way to use the old one as i might experiement with the other 4 license left for my account any way possible to use the previous license ?




Unfortunately you don’t have any other way of attaching the previous license. I would suggest you to create a new one. You can always create a new account if all your licenses are over.

In case, the same situation arises again (same device suggesting invalid license), inform us about the same and we will help you to let you use your previous license.

Can you please PM me your email ID with which you had created my.flytbase.com account.