Pixhawk-to-RBPi3 interface via USB port



I need to configure RBPi3’s USB port (not micro) as an alternative to TELEM serial connection via GPIOs. Connecting micro USB from Pixhawk to one of them 6 USB ports on RBPi3.



Yes. But what is your question precisely?
Just use USB-UART convertor and connect Pixhawk’s Telem2 port to USB port of Rpi. FlytOS would automatically detect it and latch on to it.


I don’t want to use TELEM2 port on pixhawk, rather its micro USB port connected with the USB port of RBPi3.
I know that pixhawk’s microUSB is used to upload firmware (usb mode). I was wondering if aforementioned is doable?


Yes. Using USB port of Pixhawk for telemetry connection is definitely possible, BUT it is not reliable and MUST NOT be used for telemetry while flying.

You can use it in lab for basic testing and debugging.