Pixhawk + Odroid XU4 + TeraRanger Duo


Hi All,

Need some help.

I powered up my Odroid XU4 by 3S LiPo with a voltage regulator, what will be the subsequent steps after I powering up Odroid ?

I have done the wiring as shown a ardupilot

and i will connect Tera Ranger Duo to Odroid XU4 with just an USB connection and taking to autopilot through mavlink might be the way to go .

any thoughts ?
and how do I set the parameters for Teraranger Duo from Mission Planner full parameters list. am i right to ay that there might be a single parameter to enable a range finder ?

Please help



Please follow the steps mentioned here, to make sure FlytOS communicates with Pixhawk.

Also look at this APM documentation about TeraRanger, to understand how to configure APM for TeraRanger. They seem to use I2C directly connected to Pixhawk instead of using an Odroid for this.

In case you still want to use USB to connect TeraRanger with Odroid, you need to use this ros driver, which would publish TeraRanger output to rostopics, and then publish to mavros’s distance sensor topic. This topic is currently not available for APM, but available for PX4. We are in the process of fixing this bug.



I am using Tera Ranger Duo not Tera Ranger One.

I don’t have to set / change the parameters " ranger finder " on Mission Planner Full parameter list ?


You have to set the parameter only if you are attaching the sensor directly to Pixhawk. IIUC, you don’t have to set any parameter if you send data via mavlink/mavros.



I am super new to companion computers.

which USB port of the Odroid XU4 should i plug in for the Tera Ranger Duo ?



According to http://ardupilot.org/dev/docs/odroid-via-mavlink.html

Initial Setup: Plug the preloaded eMMC or MicroSD card into the board

seems like there isn’t any MicroSD card slot on Odroid XU4


@srv Also, ODROID - XU4 need a 5V / 4A DC power. I have to step down my 6S power connector from my drone.

if so, i am not able to use the UBEC bellow yeah ?

(as It only supply 3A)

I am planning to use this

Anyone can confirm with me ?



You can plug it into any of the three available usb ports. It won’t matter which one you choose.

Refer this pic, look at the slot between power input and hdmi output.

It current output rating is less than 1A, hence it won’t work.

Since, it seems you are on early stage, why don’t you try this. This comes with all the necessary equipment required to get started with using CC and Pixhawk.


Hi, See the above block diagram. I highlight the MicroSD card slot.

which USB port should i slot in the Tera Ranger Duo ?

I mean the following Voltage regulator


the FlytPi Kit is cool.



Yes. you correctly pointed out the microsd slot.

Whichever you like.

The link to Voltage Regulator is only rated for 3A, which may not be sufficient for Odroid as you rightly pointed out in previous posts that it needs 4A supply. Will search for the correct power module and post it later.


This power module should work.