Pixhawk 2 with the Odroid XU4 (Communication)


We are looking into the probable issue. Will get back to you in some time.


@srv Thank you, looking forward to the reaction,

One other issue, when turning off the odroid with the button and start it later again, the FlytOs is not running, I have to start it with a command from my PC, is there any command or setting that solve this problem?


what is your version of FlytOS?



With FlytPOD, ALL the widgets are supported.
With PX4, except motor testing and esc calibration all are supported.
With APM, only motor testing would work.

GCS widget would work with ALL.

For APM users, it is recommended to use APM Planner/ QGC / Mission Planner to setup their autopilots.


The version of FlotOS is 1.34



Can you run these commands and post their results:

ls /etc/init.d

ls /etc/rc4.d


Follow, this guideline, if you got updated from 1.31 to 1.34.


Hello @dirkhuijbers

It is not that straightforward when you connect a 4G dongle. Not ony there is probably a new IP address everytime, but also you can not just make a request over the Internet to an IP address behind some NAT. Telecomm companies do not provide static IP address to cellular connections. This is how our Internet manages to survive even though number of Internet users have grown way more than the number of possible IPV4 addresses.
There are two known work arounds, VPN and Dynamic DNS service. You can take a look at them. In both cases you are assuming that thruough 4G your odroid is connected to Internet and your client laptop is also on Internet.

However if you can hold, we have Cloud APIs coming out in next few days. With these API’s you will be able to control, monitor your drone from cloud. All you have to do is to connect your drone to Internet through 4G, wifi or whatever you have. Then use the FlytConsole Cloud app to control your drone. Also all the APIs will be accessible through cloud.

You can participate in beta trials if interested. We have already done lot of internal testing and announcement will be made soon. Thanks.


Thank you for your reaction!
Recently bought a 4G dongle to set-up the whole process.
The 4G dongle works on my PC but I have to figure out how to install the drivers on the Odroid board,. all tips and tricks are welcome.