Pi Zero; Anyone Try It Yet?


Has anyone worked with a Pi Zero yet?


Hi @davidbitton,
Currently FlytOS is supported only on the Pi3 from the Raspberry Pi family of boards. But we are looking into the possibilities if making FlytOSS compatible with the other Pis. We will get back to you if we plan on starting support for Pi Zero.

Thanks for your interest,


Is there anything I can do? I thought the Pi Zero was the same.



I am sorry but Pi3 and PiZero are completely different. Building compatibility for PiZero won’t be easy, and we might not be extending support for it unless we see requirement from the community.


OK. The small form factor along with the reduced weight over a Pi3 would beneficial. Thanks.


Actually, the Pi zero is really underpowered. Intel Edison board has a much smaller footprint that pi zero, and has more computational power too. You could try that (FlyOS is supported on Intel Edison)
if you have an application in mind that requires a very light flight computer.


This is for video streaming from the craft to the GCS.


All the boards supported by FlytOS are capable of video streaming too. Including the Intel Edison. You can see all the supported boards here: