Onboard and Web/Mobile App



Is it possible to use Odroid UX4 and Pixhawk PX4 on the Web/Mobile Apps and Onboard Apps? Is there any background knowledge that we need to know about Web/Mobile Apps? Thanks


FlytOS provides RESTFull and Websocket APIs, on top of these APIs various web and mobile apps can be built. You can also host the web apps on the onboard computer running flytOS.

FlytOS can run on various single board computers including Odroid XU4, Raspberry pie, Intel Aero, Qualcomm, Nvidia Tx1, etc.
So the web and android app developed using FlytOS’s APIs will work with FlytOS running on your Odroid XU4 too.

FlytOS supports autopilots with APM, PX4 flight stack on autopilot. So pixhawk with odroid wil work.