Offline/downloaded maps


Is there any possibility I could use downloaded/offline Google, HERE or any other maps or future plan for this feature?
We are using an Aero RTF Drone but both this and the Ground Station don’t have access to internet at the test field.


Currently, Flytconsole does not have offline/downloaded map feature, but it is present in our backlog. Unforunately, Unlinke Google Android Map API, Google Web Map APIs do not provide offline storage feature. We would need to integrate with some other Map provider which provide the same feature.

If you can create your own app which has this feature, then FlytOS will have no issues with it.


Thanks for quick reply. Two more questions:
Can you estimate in about how much time will this feature be officially available?
And, if I connect to my drone that has no internet connection with a device that has internet connection, will I be able to see the map?


It would be difficult to provide you with an estimate on this.

Yes. Since, FlytConsole web app gets loaded on the browser of ‘the device with internet connection’, maps will be loaded/visible.