Not able to connect to FlytConsole, debugging tips


Here are the step-by-step debugging tips to follow, when you are not able to connect to FlytConsole through your device:

  1. Let the device boot completely and enter the correct URL to open FlytConsole: http://flytpod/flytconsole

  2. Check if you are on the correct WiFi network. If your device is in AP mode then connect to the device’s hotspot or if your device is in Client Mode connect to the specific network and try the URL again.

  3. There could be a chance that your host name is not resolved. You can login to your wireless admin page of your device or router using default address (in case for FlytPOD/PRO in hotspot mode: Default IP address:, username: root, password: 123) and check the IP address of your device in DHCP Client list.
    Now enter the URL: http:///flytconsole in your browser to open Flytconsole

  4. Connect an HDMI Monitor, USB mouse and keyboard to your FlytPOD/SBC and boot it again. Open web browser in the same device and try Step1 or Step3

  5. If none of these work. You can reset your WiFi by following ‘For Advance User’ Steps mentioned here