No stream video on FlytPilot


Hi All,

I have this setup with me currently (Pixhawk + RPi + FlytOS + 4G Dongle). Everything works fine in the FlytConsole including command and video. But I cannot stream video on FlytPilot. I have entered the right IP (and tap Connect) and the app pass the intro page. But no stream video is shown. This is my first time trying this app so I am not quite sure what’s the issue. Please help.

See picture attached.



@Vinayak please take a look at this issue.


Hi Hann,

Video Streaming in FlytPilot is only Supported for RPI-Camera.
You can have look at this release note


Hi @Vinayak_Singh,

Is it still possible to stream from other camera?



Nope Hann, Flight Pilot Video streaming feature is only available for RPI Camera.



Thanks for the clarification. I appreciate it.