No response to ExtendedState topic


I have several topics up and running using FlytPi or cloud sim, but now I try to add the ExtendedState.
(need the states for a VTOL drone)

But no call is made to my subscribe function.
Do you have any idea what the problem might be, or how to debug this?
See test code below:

Also when we login to the pi and try to echo the topic, it is no periodic publish on it (are there any pre conditions for it to be sent out by publisher…?)
image (1)

var extendedState = new ROSLIB.Topic({
ros: ros,
name: ‘/’ + namespaceFlytbase + ‘/mavros/extended_state’,
messageType: ‘mavros_msgs/ExtendedState’,

extendedState.subscribe(function (message) {

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Hi @SebastianW,

extended_state API requires autopilot to send data on MAVLink topic EXTENDED_SYS_STATE.
Unfortunately, APM does not support sending any data on MAVLink EXTENDED_SYS_STATE.
extended_state API is currently only supported by PX4.

Also IIUC, APM does not send VTOL_STATE data on any other topic.


Thank you for your help!
You are right, it works on the PX4 only, we got it succesfully tested after your info.
Issue can be closed.


Thanks for the prompt response. Closing this issue now.