No attribute "access_request"


Hi guys,

I’ve been trying to control the drone using onboard NVIDIA TX2.
I’m using FlytOS version 1.5.6.

I tried to use access_request() in instance of drone=api.navigation(), refering to
However, I got a message that said “AttributeError: navigation instance has no attribute named “access_request””.
It seemed weired, but anyway I command drone.arm(). It seems to try to arm the drone. (Actually, TX2 didn’t arm the drone because of No GPS Lock.) Did I miss something or wrongly installed FlytOS?

Thank you in advance


Yes. You are correct.
The documentation needs to be fixed.

For now, if you are using PX4/APM, configure one of the RC Mode switches to offboard/guided and then you won’t be needed to call thi API.