Network protocol between flytOS and cloud


I’ve set-up a Raspberry PI / Pixhawk drone and successfully controlled it over Wifi via the Cloud APIs. When I use a 4G dongle instead of Wifi, the status light turns green in the MyDevices page ( indicating that the connectivity is working. However, I get a “drone is not reachable” from the API.

What is the protocol between the Cloud APIs and the Raspberry Pi? Is this a http connection, TCP, UDP connection or something else?


We have tested using the 4G dongle. It should work with that as well.
@Dhirajd, can you please take a look at this.


The communication between drone and cloud server is over HTTPS. Please email your vehicle ID to, I’ll have a look at it.

Meanwhile, ensure that the 4G connection is not filtered by your ISP. A simple test case would be to open ‘’ page from your browser (on the system connected to the Internet through 4G network). It should show you a ‘502 Bad Gateway’ warning.