Multimaster fkie


Hi , their time you all suggested me to use a multimaster fkie , are any of you familar with multimaster ? Currently having some trouble setting up the network and after i set up the network , how can i make 3 drones fly automatic and synchronise.


hey @Dhirajd, can you please take a look at this.



Multimaster fkie is basically set of ros tools which will let you setup 3 ros instances on same network and access each others services/topics. This paper would be very useful to you.
Networking setup is also provided in the same doc. Once your ros systems are setup and talking with each other using above package then you can go ahead and write your ros code for each drone which coordinates with other drones on network.
Multimaster_fkie will only provide you the data logistic part among multiple ros instances (on each drone), you have to write swarm code using this data. So once the data from other drones is available on each drone you can use flytOS navigation services to control the drones.