Md5sum Hashkey for flytedison image is not matching with that shown in website


Hi, I downloaded flytedison_10022017.img.gz .

$ md5sum flytedison_10022017.img.gz
d91e106fb65ea06c6eb0eb2ab3d00ab5 flytedison_10022017.img.gz

Above Hash key is different from the one shown in Website. Download is complete and there are no errors for it.
Could you help ?



Well download it again. We are sure that the md5sum is correct.


I see that md5sum keeps changing… After I downloaded, I observed 4 different md5sum!
Did I miss something ? I observed correct md5sum once!
Should I proceed with this image ?



I don’t understand. Are you trying to suggest that, once download is finished, you get different md5sums for the very same file? That almost seems like impossible. While checking for md5sum, also check the file size.

For now, Try proceeding ahead with image flash.


Yes. md5sum for the same image file keeps changing.
Anyway, for now I shall use the same image.