LTE 4G usb modem choice


would someone advise on a choice for a 4G usb modem for the raspberry pi?
From the Rpi community some are using Huawei but it seems some issue sometimes… So I was wondering if there is any suggestion / feedback on the choice of a 4G usb modem dongle?


@Dhirajd / @achal Can you please recommend.


Hi Guys, can you recommend a USB dongle (ie hardware) that would work out of the box with FlyTOS on Rpi3?



Any Linux supported 4G/LTE USB dongle or SIM module should work fine. Huawei provides supported dongles. You would need to set it up correctly in the Ubuntu 16.04.

Users are also using onboard routers like this one:



Thanks. Huawei has changed its firmware and no longer the Huawei 4G USB dongle act as modem.-ie the 4G USB Dongle E3372.
This creates all sorts of issues as the dongle as its own router which is not at all manageable…and the Rpi3/FlyTOS is stuck behind a firewall which is does not allow anything in - ie no port routing… and very little out - ie in term of ports.
So the Huawei 4G dongle require a lengthy process of retro-firmware - read here:
So then after it behaves back normally as a 4G USB modem.

Alternatively, yes a full 4G router is an option.