Long range telemetry


Hello, it is my understanding that I can only connect to companion computer using wifi, and it has limited range. Could my offboard webapp access to high latency telemetry data from my RFD900+ link?

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It is possible technically but will not be a practically usable solution.
To use RFD900+ or other serial devices, piping the network data over serial line is one of the solutions. But with its limited bandwidth you will face too much delays.
You will certainly have long range link but there will be too much delay because of low bandwidth link. The radio module can offer 250 Kbit/s max bandwidth and that is far too less for TCP protocol to work with so much of payload data to carry. I would suggest going for cellular modems or directional high gain outdoor wifi routers.

For a cleaner solution you can write an ‘onboard’ python script listening to UART (on companion computer) and internally calling onboard APIs, to the other end on your laptop you will have to modify the webapp to listen to the serial port. e.g. http://stackoverflow.com/questions/5640953/serial-communication-from-javascript
This is far too much of work though.


Understood. I think that link is useful for retrieving drone status and send simple mavlink commands to. Dronekit may be a better solution.


How will it be useful when you want to use webapps?

Because, as far as I know Dronekit-python and dronekit-android are the only alive projects and they will not be useful for webapps.
Dronekit-python can send mavlink commands over telemetry link, so you can control the drone through python script running on your laptop. But to use web apps there is no work done yet.