Landing problem using LTE and RaspberryPI


Hello, I’m using Pixhawk 1 and Raspberry PI to fly custom drone. I tried setting the mission using flytbase cloud. Drone is behaving well - it’s holding its altitude, following waypoints set on the map but when I set the last waypoint as command LAND the drone instead of landing is doing opposite - going all the way up it the sky. I’m wondering if I should change the altitude on LAND command or frame type? Any suggestions?


frame type shoulnt matter, have you looked at the pixhawk log files?
please be aware there is a setting in Ardupilot which has the vehile climb to a certain “safe altitude” before initiating the land sequence…I dont recall the exact parameter but is in the RTL or Land section



Thanks for your suggestion.

Were you able to solve this issue.

When the autopilot receives the LAND command, it ignores the altitude field and makes sure it lands on the specified latitude and longitude.